Key Legislation affects how organisations use, store, control and dispose of their data and information. There are six acts or laws that affect these factors, the Privacy Act of 1988, the Information Privacy Act of 2000, the Health Records Act of 2001, the Copyright Act of 1968, the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006 and the Spam Act of 2003.

Copyright Act 1968 Edit

The Copyright Act of 1968 was created to protect intellectual property that belongs to a specific individual. This law applies to physical works such as literate works, music, videos, artworks, broadcasts, television and radio programs and video games.

The Copyright Act does not apply to ideas, slogans, styles, techniques, names and titles. The Copyright Act is infringed if Copyrighted material is used without the original owner's permission. Copyright is free and as soon as intellectual property is created it is automatically protected by the Copyright Act.

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