Used to evaluate the information management strategies used to see if they’re efficient and effective. This is measured in terms of the integrity of the data, the security of the data, the ease of retrieval and the currency of the files received (their completeness).

Note: Often these criteria will appear in an evaluation table.

Data Integrity Edit

Data integrity can be determined by how accurate, reliable and timely the data is. If the backup contains copies of all the files then integrity is maintained.

Data Security Edit

If the data is protected from viruses and hackers effectively then the data is secure.

Ease Of Retrieval Edit

If a backup can be retrieved and restored effectively and efficiently then it meets this criteria. Questions such as "How long does it take to restore the backup?" should be asked to help determine whether the criteria has been met or not.

Currency Of Files Edit

The more recent the backup, the more currency the files will contain. A higher file currency is better and if the previous backup was a long time ago and many files were lost then the file currency is bad.

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