Disaster recovery strategies or disaster recovery plans are lists of procedures and actions to follow in the event of a disaster. Disasters can include human error, hardware or software failure or natural disasters etc. A Disaster Recovery Plan consists of four sections; Emergency plan, backup plan, recovery plan and test plan.

Emergency Plan Edit

Emergency plans cover what to do when a disaster strikes or is close by. Certain criteria can be asked to test the efficiency of this plan such as:

  • What devices need to be turned off?
  • Where does everyone go?
  • Who needs to Be contacted?
  • Contact Numbers

An emergency plan is generally achieved if the criteria above are met.

Backup Plan Edit

Backup plans cover when and how a backup will be applied after a disaster. The steps required to restore the backup files include:

  • Alternative hosting sites
  • Location of the backup files
  • Personnel responsible for backing up the files
  • Time needed to backup

Recovery Plan Edit

Recovery plan covers what hardware and software needs to be replaced if a disaster occurs. The criteria for a recovery plan is as follows:

  • Check all hardware, software devices for damage
  • Replace damaged equipment
  • Restore backup
  • Restore services

Test Plan Edit

Test plan involves testing all hardware and software devices to see if they're working expected. The following criteria are involved in the test plan:

  • Test hardware
  • Test software
  • Test procedures
  • Test backup

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