If an organisation loses data or information, or a conflict arises, consequences can come about. Common consequences include organisations losing their reputation or competitive advantage, sales decrease, upset staff or clients and even possibly fines or jail time.

Note: Data loss can be reduced through use of anti-virus software, backups, locks, passwords, user profiles and biometric security etc.

Lose Competitive Advantage Edit

If data finds its way into the hands of a competing company an organisation may lose its advantage or problems could arise. Usually data can be stolen and given or sold to a competitor by means of viruses or hackers.

Sales Or Profit Decrease Edit

If loss of data becomes public it might result in less customers purchasing goods or services from the organisation, which in turn reduces profit.

Loss Of Reputation Edit

If an organisation does something bad that results in data loss or makes an inethical or illegal decision then it might lose or damage its reputation amoung stokeholders or the general public.

Staff Issues Edit

Staff may become upset or angry if certain decisions are made or how issues are handled. This can be an issue for organisations because it can decrease productivity and result in employees quiting their jobs.

Fines Or Jail Edit

High ranking individuals in organisations or organisations themselves can be held financially responsible for certain actions and can be forced to pay fines and large sums of money if they're found doing something illegal. Usually only high ranking members of large organisations are jailed but organisations that are illegal or black market to begin with will face serious consequences if discovered.

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